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3 Reasons to Book a Summer Dental Visit for Your Teen

Child Dental Checking Up
Summertime is all about getting outside, enjoying some fresh air, and soaking up the sun. Unfortunately, the casual summer months can also be especially hard on oral health, which can interrupt plans in the fall. This guide lists three reasons to book a dental visit for your teen before school starts, and why you won't regret being proactive.
1. Take Care of Restorations Early 
When decay strikes, it is always best to treat the issue earlier rather than later. When left unchecked, a simple cavity can cause a long list of problems, including ongoing dental pain, tooth infections, and even painful abscesses in the gum tissue.
However, early treatment helps families save time and money by addressing problems while they are still in their infancy. For instance, instead of worrying about how a large-scale oral infection could impact your child's smile long term, you can have a cavity treated now so it never gets large scale.
In addition, you should have issues treated while they are still covered under the basic services element of your dental insurance policy.
Regular visits with dental care providers also help teens to feel comfortable with their dentists, helping to alleviate anxiety. Additionally, summertime is typically less busy around dental offices, making it easy to fit appointments in between birthday parties and backyard barbecues.  
2. Protect Your Child's School Attendance
You never know how deep a dental issue is until you bring your child to the dentist, which is one of the reasons regular visits are so important. However, since some dental issues require more complex restorations and a longer recovery timeline, it is best to book visits during the summer when teens won't have to miss school.
Although keeping your teen home for the day because of a dental visit might not seem like a big deal, research has shown that kids who miss as little as two days of school per month are more likely to fall behind in key subjects and less likely to graduate. On the other hand, booking that dental appointment when your child has plenty of free time helps them to stay on top of their coursework and protect their grades.
Summertime visits are also convenient for kids who may need supplemental appointments to tackle complex dental appointments. For instance, if your teen needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, they can have the procedure done, recover peacefully at home, and return the dentist a few days later to have everything checked. 
3. Make Big Changes Without the Stress
Unwanted attention can be difficult for teenagers; even if the comments are positive. For instance, if your child has been living with crooked teeth, the day after they get their braces can be filled with questions from friends, peers, and teachers.
Additionally, since certain dental changes can take some time to get used to, it only makes sense to schedule these types of dental visits when your teen will have plenty of time to acclimate to their new appearance and the feel of their mouth.
By taking your time and booking summer appointments, teens can get used to braces, show off their dental bonding, or have their teeth whitened without drawing lots of attention to their smile. After the procedure, teens also have more control over who they show their new teeth to since they won't be in classes filled with their peers.
Whether your teen is simply due for a checkup or you know they need to start their orthodontic journey, schedule a visit with us here at Town Center Family Dental.
In addition to working hard to providing each of our patients with a comfortable, convenient experience, our dentists also focus on using state-of-the-art technologies such as the Invisalign® system. Give us a call today to book summertime appointments for your entire family.   
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