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Dental Implants In Flint, MI

The method by which natural teeth are replaced has been revolutionized by dental implants. With this treatment, our Flint, MI implant dentists can comprehensively restore extracted or avulsed (knocked-out) teeth with both faux tooth roots and prosthetic crowns.  Implants are more stable than removable restorations and help to nurture better dental health and overall wellness. 

Comprehensive Implant Treatment from Town Center Family Dental

Our dentists perform all aspects of your implant treatment plan, from determining eligibility for this procedure by evaluating bone and soft tissue health, to planning the best angles and locations for your implants, and adding replacement teeth in the form of crowns, bridges and dentures. Drs. Vanivelt, Thomas, and Halliday can also offer any procedures that may be necessary before implants can be placed, such as bone grafting to ensure proper integration of implants into jaw arches.

With the placement of implant posts into bone, your new teeth behave and feel just like your natural teeth. Implants bond with surrounding tissue to create the ultimate in stability so you can eat, chew, and speak without fear of failing restorations.

Implant Treatment Options in Flint, MI

At Town Center Family Dental, we strive to keep as much of your treatment plan in-house as possible, and offer as many ways to replace missing teeth as we can. Our team repairs your smile by surgically placing implants directly at our office and follow-up with these restoration options:

Single Implants and Crowns – Single teeth that were too damaged to be preserved, or were compromised in an injury, can be completely replaced with one dental implant post topped with a prosthetic crown that looks just like your own, natural tooth.

Multiple Implant Placement and Restoration – When groups of teeth are missing in your smile, implants provide a durable and comfortable solution. Our implant dentists can place two or more implants to support a larger restoration, such as a multiple-unit dental bridge. Multiple teeth restoration with implants helps to prevent the damage and discomfort that traditional cemented bridges and removable partial dentures can create.

Mini Implant and Fixed Dentures – Edentualism, or the total loss of natural teeth, is less common these days, but many older patients still struggle with loose and inefficient full dentures. We make uncomfortable and unstable dentures a thing of the past with fixed dentures attached to mini implants. Mini dental implants can be placed in areas of the jaw  that are too thin for normal sized implants, so even patients who have had missing teeth for years can enjoy the life-changing benefits of a stabilized denture.

Get Started with Implants Today

For more information on whether you quality for life-changing implants or to schedule your implant consultation at our Flint dental office, contact Town Center Family dental today.


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