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Cleanings and Preventive Dental Care in Flint, Michigan, and the Surrounding Area​

Take the First Step

Getting a healthy smile is an easy process once you learn one word: prevention. When you receive preventive care for your mouth, you ensure the continuation of your oral health. Setting up routine dentist appointments saves you money by avoiding the cost of reparative procedures. Our dental professionals will ensure you have a healthy smile for years to come. 

The Benefits of Preventive Care

Consistently Clean Teeth

Having your teeth regularly cleaned is the best way to prevent dental issues. Cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis are problems that can be averted with continual oral care. Our professional equipment cleans places on your teeth that regular brushing misses. This inhibits the growth of plaque and the progression of decay. 

Catching Issues Early

Regular checkups provide more than just clean teeth. Each time you visit your dentist, our team will thoroughly examine and monitor your oral health. This ensures that any dental issues that you might develop can be treated immediately. Prevent dangerous situations from developing by setting up routine appointments. 

Custom Hygiene Advice

Oral health begins at home. Every day, you make decisions that affect the state of your mouth. Your dentist can help you create custom hygiene practices that you can do by yourself. They will also provide you with everything from dietary advice to the best fluoride toothpaste for your teeth. 

Simple Procedures

If you have a cavity or a damaged tooth, your general dentist is there to help. They will offer the most advanced procedures to treat your unique situation. It’s best to receive treatment by someone who is familiar with your oral health. Routine appointments accustom your dental specialists to your specific needs and will ensure you receive immediate, effective aid.