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First-Rate Pediatric Dentistry in Flint, Michigan

Providing Years of Dental Treatment

Even with modern painkillers and treatments, children still dread going to the dentist. This is unfortunate because the mouth undergoes the most change from birth to adolescence. Primary teeth grow and fall out, and permanent teeth shift the structure of the jaw. Children are also more prone to dental injuries than adults. Getting an expert pediatric dentist when your children are still young will ensure that they receive the best care as they develop and mature.

Intensive Dentistry Training

Pediatric experts are more than just dentists who treat children. The field is considered to be a specialty, and it requires an additional two to three years of training after the acquisition of a general dentistry degree. After their extensive education, graduates receive a diploma from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This ensures that they are capable of providing the best treatment for your child. 

Certified Care

Aside from general dentistry procedures, pediatric dentists excel in a number of other treatments. They perform infant oral exams to monitor the growth of primary teeth. Habit counseling is often provided to correct potentially damaging behaviors, such as thumb-sucking and pacifier use. They also specialize in preventative treatments and education. Instilling proper hygiene habits in children will help them maintain excellent oral health throughout their lives.

Dentistry for Special Needs

Occasionally, a pedodontist will opt to specialize in the care of children with special needs. The most common ailments are autism, mental disabilities and cerebral palsy. These caring experts work hard to provide every child with professional dental treatment. Get a certified, compassionate pediatric dentist who will provide a fun atmosphere and superior care.