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Treatment and Prevention for Periodontal Disease in Flint, Michigan, and the Surrounding Area​

Don’t Forget Your Gums

The importance of taking care of your teeth is repeated everywhere you go. You see it in commercials, read it in articles and hear it from your dentist. Unfortunately, there is something that is often overlooked in people’s daily dental care: the gums. Keeping your gums healthy is a vital part of maintaining proper hygiene. We provide essential periodontal education to ensure that your entire mouth stays healthy.

An All-Encompassing Issue

Your gums surround and support your teeth. When plaque remains on a tooth, it irritates and inflames the encompassing tissue. If the tartar is not removed, the infection spreads and begins to affect every part of your jaw. Often, this problem can occur without any pain or symptoms, which is why it is crucial to get regular checkups. Periodontal diseases are the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. 
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The Warning Signs

You are an active participant in maintaining your oral health. Be attentive and watch for signs that your gum tissue is infected. Doing so ensures that the issue can be handled by your dentist before it escalates into a severe problem.

Unexplained Bleeding

If your gums bleed whenever you eat, floss or brush your teeth, it could be a warning sign of periodontal disease. Plaque contains toxins that infect and weaken your dental tissue. If you notice blood around the base of your teeth, contact your dentist immediately. 

Unusual Teeth Problems

When periodontitis has progressed, it will begin to affect your jaw. As the tissues in the bone deteriorate, it loosens and shifts your teeth. This can result in your smile becoming crooked and your bite pattern offset. Often, periodontal disease will eat away at the gums at the base of each tooth. Your teeth will continue to appear as your gumline recedes. 

Halitosis and Suppuration

Consistently bad breath is a common sign of periodontal disease. The bacteria in the pockets of the tissues release an unpleasant smell. It is also common to see discharge seeping from gums. This is a sign that your body is trying to fight off an infection.  

Pain and Swelling

You should always check with your dentist if you experience unusual pain or swelling. Constant toothaches are a typical indicator that there is a problem below the surface. If left alone, harmful bacteria could spread into your bloodstream and make you sick. Get treated early to inhibit the progression of any infection
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