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Professional Dental Implants in Greater Flint

Enjoy Eating

Again Sharing a meal is a bonding experience for people. Conversations and memories are made around the dinner table. If you have missing teeth, this situation can be extremely unpleasant. The social aspect of it is often tarnished by a desire to cover your smile. Eating is also uncomfortable because you need to avoid hard or chewy ingredients. Fortunately, there is a permanent solution that will let you enjoy food and company again.
Missing a tooth can be devastating, which is why we use dental implants to help you regain the look and function of your smile. This treatment uses titanium posts carefully placed into the jawbone. These are topped with crowns, made from precise impressions for a natural look. A dental implant is the closest replacement to a natural tooth.
Dental Implants

The Benefits of Dental Implants

​​Retain Face Shape and Fill Gaps

Dental implants fill in tooth-sized gaps. This supports your remaining teeth, ensuring that they won’t shift. When there is an opening in your gumline, the skin on your face sinks into the hole. This can lead to a sagging or sunken appearance. Dental implants maintain a natural look while filling space. They support your smile both inside and out.

​Eat What You Want

Love corn on the cob or steak? Eat all your favorite meals again with custom implants. These dental prosthetics are embedded and cemented into your jaw. This ensures that you retain a normal bite and chewing pattern. You won’t have to worry about the implant slipping or shifting while you enjoy all kinds of food. 

​Durable and Enduring Prosthetics

Dental implants are an investment in a healthy mouth. They are inserted into your jaw to keep the prosthetic in place. This provides a permeant solution for tooth gaps and shifting teeth. They are also extremely durable and resistant to wear, stains and cavities.

​How They Work

Dental implants begin with a titanium post being inserted into the jawbone. This acts as the root for your new tooth. A natural-looking prosthetic is then placed over the metal base to seamlessly blend in with your existing teeth. Our dental experts are eager to help you get your smile back.  
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