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Treating TMJ Disorders in Flint, Michigan, and the Surrounding Area​

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From chewing and talking to clenching and grinding, the joints in your jaw work hard. Unfortunately, as a result of constant mandible tension, facial pain and headaches are common problems for most adults. When not dealt with, this pain will only get worse. Learn more about what causes this problem and how you can treat it.
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What is TMJ?

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are what connect your mandible to the rest of your face. They are located directly in front of the base of your ears. The construction of these joints is extremely complex. Their unique configuration provides your jaw with the strength and range of motion that it needs to operate properly. Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is the condition of swelling or pain in these locations. 

Common Causes of TMD

Injury to Facial Structure

If you have sustained an injury to your face, it could have damaged your mandible joints. Shifting teeth and facial bones put stress on your jaw and cause pain and tension. 

Misalignment of Your Jaw

When your spine or jaw is misaligned, many problems can occur. Often, one joint will experience more pressure and strain than the opposite side. This can result in headaches and stiff neck muscles. 

Teeth Grinding and Gum Chewing

Like any joint in your body, your mandible ligaments should not be overtaxed. Constant grinding and chewing strains your muscles and wears at your facial tissues. 


Arthritis causes inflammation in your joints. As highly complex systems, your TMJs can be severely affected by this disease. This is typically very painful and reduces your enjoyment of talking and eating.

Treatments of TMD

Often, anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed for TMD relief. Muscle relaxants are commonly used to relieve strain and tension. Physical therapy can be performed to retrain your muscles not to tense on a specific side. Surgery is not a common remedy, but in extreme cases it can improve your quality of life. Our TMD specialists will help determine the best treatment to ease your stress and alleviate your pain.
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